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The idea came last two years December, when I thought of what I could use my photos to do,
to help the kids of the community I found myself taking photos of.
Then I looked into synonyms of “help”, came across the word “Succour”
(sounded very unique), so I had a chat with William Agbo, the Director of
Operations for the organization Teach on the Beach, and he also liked idea,
and went on further saying “at least the gate fee we would take can go a long
way helping out with something” and indeed he was right. Last year 8th March 2019,
when we had our first edition, with surprisingly a great amount of turnout
. We were able to raise some money, which we used to buy some educational materials
for some of the kids who belong to the organization even to the extent of getting
some individuals some new school uniforms. Personally, organizing this
every year is a great way for me to give back to society through my talent.

The Marker Board Project


Lydia Lamminger, (Volunteer)

I attended Succour Photo exhibition in march, 2020, I had already seen some pictures on Instagram before. With the exhibition I was able to see them for myself and I was marveled at the pictures on a rooftop with nice music, kelewele and friendly people – just a great atmosphere… I really admire the work of Click and the whole team, who created an amazing project… hope to see the next exhibition in 2021



William Agbo ,Director of Operations
(Teach on the Beach, Ghana.)

William and I are very close. 2 years ago, he came up with an idea to run his own photo exhibition and when he asked me what I thought about it, i just said it's an excellent move.I worked with him directly from the start to now and am very happy to see him win.This year's  photo exhibition has been great with a lot of attendants from  all walks of lives coming to the TOB rooftop  to participate in his photo exhibition that speaks for itself. Covering images from all aspect you can think of but mostly focusing on the African was simply INCREDIBLE. If your reading this and you love the work he does, trust me you will be blown away with his God's gift.


Ciara Shelly , (Volunteer)

I was lucky enough to attend Succour Photo exhibition March 2020 during Asabaako festival. Firstly, the location couldn't be more beautiful, with views of the whole beach from the exhibition rooftop. The photos on display are breathtaking and really give an insight in life in Ghana and Busua in particular. It was so nice to see the kids from the organisation, who the exhibition is benefitting, and also to see some of them in the photos displayed. Good music, free kelewele, beach views, amazing pictures and the chance to purchase succour merch-what more could you want. William and his team did a great job in organising this year's event, ayeko! Looking forward to the next succour already 


Anselm Quashie , ( Volunteer)

The Succour Photo exhibition was held in Busua by one of the finest photographers in Ghana (W. K Sackey) with the help and support of his friends. There were daily activities lined up but I only made it to the medical outreach on the 5th of March and the photo exhibition itself on the 6th. The exhibition was fun! We got served with some tasty “kelewele” whiles we enjoyed seeing firsthand sensational photos from the man himself along with some good music. Some of the photos and other souvenirs were sold as the aim of the exhibition was to gather funds to help the kids in the community. It was really touching to see how they treated and cared for all the kids


Franziska Wiesweg , ( Volunteer)

I attended the succour photo exhibition 2020 and all I can say ist that it was a great experience!

First of all - and most important- the pictures: In my eyes they are amazing, Clickseezy really got some talent! But it wasn’t just the fact, that you could have a look at some really nice photographs, it was the whole vibe! Thanks to the DJ everybody was dancing or at least nodding there heads, and I’m not gonna lie: The location, the TOB rooftop is just a sick place with a breathtaking view! All in all I really enjoyed the exhibition and I hope that more people get to see Clickseezy’s talent!



My name is Odile and I had the to honor to be part of the Succour Team 2020 for this years exhibition.
First the location was amazing. It was on the TOB roof with an amazing view.
Furthermore the vibes were perfect, with nice music and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The teamwork was great and it was nice to work there. Also the main part, the photographies were stunning. William did a great job in capturing little details and showed some different sites of Ghana, especially from Busua.
I enjoyed everything and I hope one day I can be part of the team again.
Thank you!


Franziska Hammel.

The day a friend of mine sold me the ticket for a photo exhibition in Busua I didn't even know what to expect there. I actually bought the ticket because I liked the idea of this exhibition and I wanted to support the whole event. The day the exhibition took place in March 2020 I was really surprised about the lovely way everything was organized: Impressive pictures, beautiful postcards, friendly guidance, nice music and delicious snacks made the exhibition successful. Most of all I was happy to get to know ClickSeezy, the main character of the whole event. He is an amazing photographer who catches the right moment with the perfect detail – I love his pictures. Click is a creative, hardworking and an ambitious person who knows how to follow his goals.  

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